SPEAR STRENGTH & CONDITIONING offers many options to provide our athletes with the most cost effective way to achieve their athletic and health goals. SPEAR is aware of the time and financial constraints that people are under these days and that is why we have many options to make sure that you are getting the best training possible with out a massive financial burden.

All fees quoted are plus HST.

Program Design


Cost may increase if the client wants more than the standard 3 day training cycle
Athletes will complete a brief assessment and upon completion will be emailed a PDF copy of their program that includes descriptions and video links of each exercise

Athletes can choose to just have a sport/goal specific program designed for them and complete the exercises on their own or you can use your program in conjunction with coach lead to training sessions to optimize your work outs and increase your chances of success

One on One


Sessions typically last 1-2 hours depending on what the client wants done in conjunction with the athletes designed program.

One on one sessions allow the coach to correct form motivate the athlete and adapt the sessions if any issues arise like injuries or fatigue.

Remote or Online Training


Access your program when it suits you by logging in and accessing your program with video support. Phone app and skype also available.

Small Group Session

$40.00/hour/per person

Sessions are completed in groups of 2-5 people.
Cost is adjusted based on number of participants, individual price decreases as group size increases.

Athletes can have their own individual programs made or can complete the same training program and share the cost (only recommended for athletes of the same age, playing level, and training ability).

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